How Seniors Can Get Fit Using Mini Trampolines

Early in the seventies, trampolines or rebounders as they were called that time did a great job in ensuring people stayed fit, and also it helped them maintain their training schedules. People stopped to use trampolines for a while as gym equipment took over, and even fitness centers were established. But, things are changing nowadays as the mini trampolines are regaining their glory, they are being kept in gyms alongside other equipment. 

The techniques used in the mini trampolines are similar to the big ones. The only difference between the two is the size of the net, which is smaller in mini trampolines, and the springs are a bit tenser. Because of the small net and stiff springs, it is not a good idea to jump up high like the athletes who jump on the big trampolines. This exercise focuses more on descending movements rather than upwards motions. Visit this site for more info about trampoline. 

Using the mini trampoline has proved to be efficient as a form of a low cardio workout as it does not injure the spine and joints. Before starting to use the trampoline, consult a doctor who will give you the go-ahead to use the equipment and tell you if your heart can handle such intense physical activity. To start using a mini trampoline, below are some of the things you should put into consideration. Click here for more info about this product. 

Make sure you begin with a warm-up to warn your body that you will be subjecting it to a straining activity. This action will get the bod ready to face the tough exercises that follow after the warm-up. For women, do not forget to wear a sports bra. This will help you carry the frontal weight and prevent you from getting hurt. You can be hurt the chest area from jumping up and down the trampoline.

Build up stamina slowly as you continue with the exercise. Do not exaggerate with the work out on the trampoline more so if you are new to doing it. If you exert pressure on yourself, you will experience shortness of breath, and you will get tired quickly. If you continue practicing, you will realize with the time you will build stamina, and you will be able to do complex routines for a long time.

If you are new to using a mini trampoline, you will experience dizziness during and after the workouts. This is very normal no cause for alarm. The dizziness will disappear with time as you continue improving your balance and coordination. After every work out with a trampoline, do not forget to cool down as it helps calm your muscles. Get more details about a trampoline here:
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